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Digging into Spring

Elena TsentasComment

Spring in Wyoming is similar to playing hide and seek with a child.  You know it's there somewhere, around a corner just waiting to pop out, but so good at eluding you before bursting forth and racing off to the next hiding spot.  

I am at peace with the unpredictable weather in Wyoming.  Though these days of drizzle/hail/sleet/snow seem long this moisture will set us up through our hot and dry summer.

My yard hosts two apple trees.  I love them like they're my children.

My yard hosts two apple trees.  I love them like they're my children.

Growing food and baking bread are very similar in my mind.  You take something simple: a seed or some flour, mix it up with some water, some care, a little love...and Bam!  You have lovely nourishing food, nurtured by your own hand.  It makes me feel like the richest person in the world.  

We spent last week converting a large portion of our lovely new green grassy yard into a vegetable garden:

A small break in the weather today saw us in the garden with fistfuls of dirt All. Day. Long.  Potatoes, peas, broccoli and cabbage got through the weather with their happy little leaves turned up toward the intermittent sun.  Kale and Chard in the ground.  Radish, beets, carrots, and rutabaga are tucked safely beneath the dirt.

We also finally got started on a project that has been months in the making: a geodesic dome greenhouse.  As sometimes happens, it didn't go quite as planned from the start and is smaller than we anticipated.  Nonetheless, it's a sweet little hobbity greenhouse for my heat loving vegetable friends.

Spring will ebb and flow for the next month or two here in Wyoming and we will brace ourselves and keep digging into the cool dirt.

Did someone say World Gardening Naked Day?

Did someone say World Gardening Naked Day?