Mama Bakes Bread

Lander, Wyoming

Tis the Season!

Elena Tsentas

After a long and attentive wait, spring has sprung in Wyoming! The apples have blossomed and faded, and now the fruit begins to swell.  The lilac perches outside the door wafting its sweet perfume with every open.  We are feverishly putting things in the ground and carefully watching the sky because we know that Wyoming can be unforgiving.

I had planned to take this week off from baking, but I have had such a great response from locals that I decided to offer my bread and kombucha this week.  Thanks for your enthusiasm!  

(I really will take a vacation... one of these days!)

I've been so enamored with the abundance of fresh berries at the store!  Lucky you, I went overboard and purchased ALL THE BERRIES and then muddled them and put them in your kombucha!

Raspberry Lemon features fresh muddled raspberries and fresh squeezed lemon juice, with a splash of apple juice.  

Grapefruit ginger has freshly squeezed grapefruit juice with ginger- SO refreshing for these warm days coming up!

Black cherry juice has a pinch of lemon zest, because... why not?! 

And finally, I could not resist plucking some of my lilac flowers and steeping them in apple juice before adding them whole to the bottle.  There's something elegant about using flowers in food!


So there you have it, folks.  Get to the shop and place your order.  The shop will close Wednesday afternoon.  Enjoy!