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Lander, Wyoming

Booch! 5/13

KombuchaElena Tsentas

This weeks kombucha flavors are meant to cleanse and renew.  Lander and the surrounding area has been battling flooding over this weekend.  Lots of grey skies, lots of stress.  A lot of community came together to help each other out in a trying time.

Black elderberry is excellent for immune support.  I slipped some in with some muddled berries and a crabapple blossom just to lift the spirits.

Pineapple warms the soul with its bright flavor

Mixed berry is a classic favorite.  Each piece of berry takes on fizz as the beneficial bacterias consume it.  It's like an appetizer.

I will be out of town, so this weeks kombucha can only be picked up from my porch, Friday May 13.



 Bright, warm, and healthful. 

Bright, warm, and healthful.