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This week in Kombucha - A Discount!

Elena TsentasComment

This week I have loads of delicious kombucha to offer.  I am giving you a 10% discount on every six pack you buy.  When you buy a six pack you are already getting a whole bottle free!  On top of that, this week you can get an additional 10% off when you enter the code BOOCH at checkout.  This promo ends Wednesday evening at 9 pm... Get your order in!

 I know that I totally overuse this image, but I love it so...

I know that I totally overuse this image, but I love it so...

I still have some lilac apple, grapefruit ginger, and raspberry lemon.  I also just bottled some strawberry- lemon balm which is a real treat and Acai-pomegranate.

Check out this link for some information and common myths about kombucha:

A few things about my kombucha: it is a living drink!  Meaning, it is full of living strains of beneficial bacteria and yeasts that are actively consuming sugars.  Always be certain to refrigerate your kombucha!

Additionally, you may find that you enjoy your kombucha when it has been strained first.  I often use fresh fruit in my brew and if you don't like chunks you may enjoy it most when it has been strained.

So grab a seat in the shade and pop open a kombucha.  A cool afternoon treat to stave off these rising temps! Not that I'm complaining...