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Kickstarter Update- We are FUNDED!

Elena TsentasComment

Friends, Family and Fans,

My Deepest gratitude for the support you've shown.  Not only are we funded, but the pledges keep coming in and we are at $4529 as of this writing.

We talked about this for MONTHS before taking the plunge, and I'm not sure I ever believed it was really going to happen.  I am a self-taught baker and this all came out of a curiosity to see what I was capable of and a drive to provide my family with nourishing food.  Being able to turn it into a means of income for my family is a gift that YOU have bestowed upon me- and for that I am truly grateful.

The Kickstarter will run until March 17th and all contributions made to that point will go toward a mixer and other materials needed for the in-home bakery.


THANK YOU for your support!