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Lander Valley Farmer's Market

It's Hump Day! A Look at this weekends Farmer's Market

Farmer's MarketElena TsentasComment
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

There's another Lander Valley Farmer's Market on the horizon and I am gearing up for all the action.  This week I'll be baking through the night to bring you some fresh, hand-mixed, artisan bread.  The following will be available:

Rustic Sourdough ($6.50 per loaf) The go-to table loaf that is perfect for all applications.  Rip off a hunk and nosh.  Slice and make the worlds fanciest grilled cheeses.  Sourdough french toast?  fahgeddaboutit!

White Sourdough ($6.50) Same as above, but with all white flour.  Mellow, sweet.

Smokey Paprika Sourdough ($8)  it's sultry- like the weather in Lander, Wyoming right now.  Pair it with some cool, tangy goat cheese and I think you'll be in Heaven.

Golden Raisin & Fennel ($8) Little drops of golden sun carry this loaf over your tongue- hints of aromatic licorice finish it off.  Utterly decadent.

Kalamata Olive ($8) This seems to be everyone's favorite bread! White sourdough embraces those lovely salty purple Greek olives.

Baking through the night gives you the absolute freshest bread available.  Put that in yer pipe and smoke it!

Baking through the night gives you the absolute freshest bread available.  Put that in yer pipe and smoke it!

I am also testing out some new flour - Sir Galahad Artisan Flour.  This flour is NOT organic like the previous bread flour I have been using, but according to all the fancy folks in the world of artisan bread it is THE flour to use.  Thanks to Locally owned Grocery store Mr. D's Food Center for searching it out and bulk ordering it for me!  As always, I strive to use mostly organic products in my bread from flour to fruit to seeds to herbs and will continue to use organic whole wheat and rye flours, among other things.

In other news:  I know that all the advice in the World will tell me to leave Politics out of my business, but I am going to donate a portion of this weeks sales to Together Rising.

 In my mind, every human deserves dignity, respect, and empathy.  There are children (5 year olds!) having to represent themselves in immigration court.  As a mother, my heart literally hurts knowing that many of them will never see their families again.  I simply cannot stand by and not try to help.  When I launched my Kickstarter I saw first hand the generosity of people in my community and beyond.  I will forever be paying it forward.

From their website: "100% of what Together Rising receives from your tax-deductible donations goes toward advocacy & reunification efforts for these families"  So when you buy your loaf this weekend, know that it is putting people on the ground to help the children.  Please also consider donating directly to Together Rising- one of my very favorite organizations.

The Farmer's Market will be hoppin' this Saturday morning 9-11:30 at City Park!  We'll have live music and lots of folks in town for Climber's Fest.  We'll see you there!




Summer Farmer's Market Season Starts this Weekend!

Farmer's MarketElena TsentasComment

The Market season is finally upon us!  Fremont County's best producers and artisans are gearing up for the kickoff market this Saturday June 2nd 9-11:30am in City Park.  There will be tons of vendors and live music-don't miss it!

Less than Great News:

The Rofco B40 bread oven has NOT yet arrived.  After another setback it's slated to come into the warehouse on the 31st and i'm hoping it will get shipped to me somewhere around the second week of June, but we can only wait and see. 

Great News:

I WILL be honoring all punch cards, but I won't have a ton of bread.  I'm going to work my booty off to make as much as I can, but I'm a one woman show over here and with three little ones i'm sure you can imagine it's not always easy.  

In the interest of fairness I will not be taking pre-orders.  In the near future I'd like to be baking twice a week: once for all the Kickstarter supporters and once for the Farmer's Market, but I will have to ease into it. 

The bottom line: get to the market early this week if you want to score some bread!  

Thanks so much for your support and I can't wait to see everyone!