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Summer Farmer's Market Season Starts this Weekend!

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The Market season is finally upon us!  Fremont County's best producers and artisans are gearing up for the kickoff market this Saturday June 2nd 9-11:30am in City Park.  There will be tons of vendors and live music-don't miss it!

Less than Great News:

The Rofco B40 bread oven has NOT yet arrived.  After another setback it's slated to come into the warehouse on the 31st and i'm hoping it will get shipped to me somewhere around the second week of June, but we can only wait and see. 

Great News:

I WILL be honoring all punch cards, but I won't have a ton of bread.  I'm going to work my booty off to make as much as I can, but I'm a one woman show over here and with three little ones i'm sure you can imagine it's not always easy.  

In the interest of fairness I will not be taking pre-orders.  In the near future I'd like to be baking twice a week: once for all the Kickstarter supporters and once for the Farmer's Market, but I will have to ease into it. 

The bottom line: get to the market early this week if you want to score some bread!  

Thanks so much for your support and I can't wait to see everyone!



4/21 Farmer's Market

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Last week's Garden Expo was tons of fun!  There were vendors galore with incredible goods and it was great to meet new gluten-loving faces and see my tried and true followers.  

Believe or not, this table was empty by noon...

Believe or not, this table was empty by noon...

I'll be around for the next two Farmer's Markets up on the hill and will open both up to pre orders.

This week I will have:

  1. Rustic Sourdough (contains some whole wheat)
  2. White Sourdough
  3. Cranberry Walnut
  4. Kalamata Olive
  5. Sunflower Rye

As always, my bread is made with organic flours and naturally leavened (sourdough).  

If you would like a loaf please shoot me an email and you can pick it up at the Farmer's Market this Saturday, or I will deliver after market within city limits.

Kickstarter Update- We are FUNDED!

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Friends, Family and Fans,

My Deepest gratitude for the support you've shown.  Not only are we funded, but the pledges keep coming in and we are at $4529 as of this writing.

We talked about this for MONTHS before taking the plunge, and I'm not sure I ever believed it was really going to happen.  I am a self-taught baker and this all came out of a curiosity to see what I was capable of and a drive to provide my family with nourishing food.  Being able to turn it into a means of income for my family is a gift that YOU have bestowed upon me- and for that I am truly grateful.

The Kickstarter will run until March 17th and all contributions made to that point will go toward a mixer and other materials needed for the in-home bakery.


THANK YOU for your support!



2018: The Year of Bread

January 2018Elena TsentasComment

Last year was Full.  Ups, downs, and every iteration in between.  The tiny human I grew is already 8 months old, can you believe it?

Tiny Human, AKA Ruby

Tiny Human, AKA Ruby

 Here we are in a new year and I am pleased to be able to get back to doing what I love: baking bread for my Lander community.  I am totally inspired and coming up with new flavor combinations for sourdough and testing out recipes like a madwoman.  

I have huge hopes, dreams, plans, expectations for the business this year and I will tell you more about them soon.  In the meantime, thank you for being a part of the journey and letting me feed you.  Expect a website overhaul in the weeks to come!







Taking a pause for new beginnings...

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Spring is the time of new life!  The birds have returned to lend their voices to the morning hum.  The wildflowers are slowly poking their pretty heads up from the soil.  The kids have resumed their shoeless shenanigans!  ...And I am growing a tiny human that is set to emerge mid-may.  Yep, this Mama has been baking all kinds of bread this winter!

My seasonal bread shares are coming to an end on April 21st.  I will not be baking for our rad farmers market this summer, but I will still be participating on the board as much as possible and I am looking forward to all the exciting activity this season.

Bread Shares will resume next Fall.  I am looking forward to this time off to be with family and perfect my bread for next season. 

Don't forget to get your buns to the Lander Valley Farmer's Market every Saturday in City Park!  Have a glorious summer, friends.

This week in MBB: Bread Share Sign Up

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It's that time of year

When I begin to think about winter.  More specifically food, because I live for good food:  Soups, stews; hearty meals all topped off with a thick slice of bread and a slab of butter to chase away those winter blues.

I had such a good time last season that I am providing bread shares to the community again from November through May.  

Warm and Fresh.

Warm and Fresh.

I have created a document that explains the ins and outs of this seasons share.  View it here:

MBB Bread Share Information

If you decide that you would like to participate, you can then go to the online shop and purchase your deposit for your spot on the share HERE.

Once your purchase the share deposit I will send you a sign-up form and you will be on your way to bread heaven.  In the mean time, please get your bread fix on Saturdays at City Park at the Lander Valley Farmer's Market 9-12.