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Sign up for Bread Shares and get Free Bread!

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What is the Winter Bread Share Program?  In a nutshell:  it's the perfect antidote to a blistery winter day.  Every Friday you get the loaf of your choice delivered to your doorstep!

1. Pay for your month of Bread (online, check or cash)

2. Each week: choose your loaf (through email)

3. Open your door on Friday afternoon to a fresh, warm loaf!

4. Repeat!

In an effort to fill the last remaining spots on my Winter Bread Share list I am giving away a free loaf of bread to everyone who signs up for Shares this week!  That's right, return the form and deposit to me by this Saturday and get a free loaf of Rustic or White Sourdough bread!  Please fill out the form below to receive the full details and necessary form and you'll be on your way to a Winter filled with fresh, warm, hand-mixed sourdough bread- the Real Deal!

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