Mama Bakes Bread

Beautifully made artisan breads crafted with a focus on traditional techniques

Once the heat of summer begins to fade into the crisp autumn I switch gears and begin selling bread weekly to my Bread Shares Members.

What are Bread Shares?

Similar to the idea of a CSA, members are offered bread on a subscription basis. Each month a member buys a share which is good for one loaf of bread for each week of the month. That is four loaves a month. I also offer half shares for two loaves a month.

Each week members are sent an email which lists all of the offerings available that week.

Offerings always include my hand-mixed, organic, sourdough bread: Rustic, White, Whole Wheat and a specialty loaf.

Members select which loaf they would like that week and then I bake it fresh each Friday and deliver it, or it can be picked up on my porch. Simple!

Each Friday I email members when the bread is ready and they come snag their warm loaves (or pick them up on their doorstep). Each week I often have take-n-bake pizza crusts, hand-rolled sourdough bagels, and extra loaves available for $5 each! It’s a heck of a deal folks, and only available to members.

So how do I become a member?

To become a member, you must purchase the Membership Fee. This is a one-time, non refundable fee of $10 and is good for LIFE! That means if you do Shares next season you do not have to buy in again. Next, you purchase your monthly share and you are on your way to a month full of warm, fresh bread!